Privacy Policy

1. General information

This document provides you with information about how the www.nierfinewines.com website records and uses it. Data collection, data processing, and data usage are in accordance with legal regulations.

This statement does not apply to Internet sites that are available at www.nierfinewines.com.

2. Adding, processing and using personal data

Only personal information that is provided voluntarily by the User and that the User agrees to record, process and use the data will be recorded. In this case, the User also accepts the terms of use.

When visiting www.nierfinewines.com, the operator's server automatically stores certain data - for system administration, statistical or security reasons. These are: the visitor's ISP, the IP address of the visitor, the version of the software browser, the type of computer operating system, the website from which you have accessed www.nierfinewines.com, the pages you visited on the website, the search terms used to access the website. These data can be used to trace back the traffic to the site as well as to specific machines, and no personal data is used. The data is used only without an name. In accordance with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data, Kaisergarten Nier Kft. May forward the data to a third party.

If the User provides personal information to Kaisergarten Nier Kft., Beyond the legal framework or beyond the consent of the User, Kaisergarten Nier Kft. or ordered by court.

The principles of data management related to the operation of the website are in line with the current legislation on data protection.

Google Analytics Web Analytics software and external server help independent measurement and auditing of website traffic and other web analytics data. The controller can provide detailed information on the management of measurement data at www.google-analytics.com.

For the purpose of customized service, third-party service providers have a small data packet, called a data packet. cookie is placed and read back. If the browser returns a previously saved cookie, the service providers that manage it will be able to link the user's current visit to the previous one, but only for their own content.

3. Data management

The IT tools and data storage solutions of the www.nierfinewines.com website are located on the webhosting of a server operated by the web hosting service UNAS Kft. (H-9400 Sopron, Kőszegi út 14.).

4. Possibility of redress

The data owner can turn to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority for legal redress.