About us

Kind Wine Friends,

Quality, reliability and consulting, are the most important arguments in the wine trade, to meet our clients taste the most. There is only one way to be successful: if we have a personal wine tasting.
Nier Fine Wines offers a service, which is settled on the client's special needs in order that they find the right purchase decisions with the help of useful information.
  Wine is a natural and unique product, there's no wine of the same type or vintage. Quality changes from year to year and it does not fit your taste all the time. With the brand "Nier Fine Wines" we do not commit ourselves with a certain wine cellar or producer, but the wine which is inside the bottle. It means that when you have found your favourite wine and the quality of the next vintage from the same winery differs from the former one then we wouldn't offer you this kind of wine or we would look for another producer from the same region that fulfils the top quality requirements.
Use the possibility to taste for free our wines and to receive useful information's from our wine consultants.